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How it all began


George's family tradition sought from a strange but fortunate catalyst that would inevitably pave the way towards the history of his heritage. 
1890 While his great-great grandfather was on a sponge fishing trip in the Aegean sea, he drowned, forcing his then nine-year-old son Mihali to work in order to provide for the family.

Nine year old, Mihali Vouros (George's great grandfather)  was sent from Kalymnos to Russia in the early 1900’s, to work with a Kalymnian family of pastry chefs. He learnt the trade over the years and then returned to the Greek island of Kalymnos to open the first of the families patisseries in 1918 and “the rest is history”

Under the watchful eyes of George's grandfather Nomikos (Mikes) Vouros and uncles Mihali and Panagioti Vouros (pictured), George successfully completed his training in Kalymnos, Greece.
1995 with the love and guidance of his family he opened Kalymnos Pastries in Adelaide, South Australia.
Today he continues his families proud tradition with the support of his family and KP team.

Nick and Poppy.JPG

Kalymnos Pastries is where it is today because of the amazing support and love from George's parents Nick and Poppy (pictured) siblings and family.

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